Grating Solver Development Company

GSOLVER© Features:
[GSolverLITE version includes BLUE highlighted items only]
  • A visual grating structure editor
  • Automatic generation of common diffraction grating profiles including square wave holographic, blazed, sinusoidal, trapezoidal, triangular, 3-point polyline, and many others
  • Arbitrary grating profile drawing tools, and general material pallet.
  • Full 3-dimensional vector code
  • Crossed grating analysis
  • Choice of solution method:
    • Rigorous Coupled Wave Analysis
    • 5th order Runge Kutta
    • Bulirsch-Stoer method
  • Extended precision arithmetic:
    • Hardware IEEE 64 bit floating point type
    • Software emulation of 128 and 256 bit IEEE floating point types
  • Analysis of arbitrary grating thickness, number of materials, and material index of refraction (defined by a real and imaginary part) including dielectrics and metals
  • Automatic generation of piecewise constant approximation
  • Arbitrary grating complexity with multiple materials, coatings, buried structures, etc.
  • Thin film analysis
  • Design optimizations with general genetic algorithm interface
  • Powerful algebraic language interface for generalized constraint definition
  • Diffracted order phase angle
  • Conical mounts and arbitrary polarization
  • Legacy GS4 style grating editor
  • Fully functional demo available for download (see download page)

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