Grating Solver Development Company


GSolver solves Maxwell’s equations within an arbitrary periodic grating structure at the interface of two semi-infinite half-spaces: the superstrate, and the substrate.

The only approximation made is in the user assigned truncation order which determines the number of terms used in the Fourier series representation of the permitivity (and impermitivity) of the grating layer.

GSolver assumes that the grating structure is determined by a piecewise constant construction (of arbitrary spatial resolution) wherein each region is assigned a homogeneous isotropic material--a constant index of refraction.

GSolver Features:
  • A versatile graphical grating editor in which an arbitrary grating may be constructed by filling out the unit cell. (Refer to the Users Manual for a complete description.)
  • A visual (object linking and embedding enabled) grating structure editor
  • Automatic generation of common diffraction grating profiles including square wave, holographic, blazed, sinusoidal, trapezoidal, triangular, 3-point polyline, and others
  • Arbitrary grating complexity with multiple materials, coatings, buried structures, overhangs, shadows, conformal coatings, etc.
  • Full 3-dimensional vector code using
    • Rigorous Coupled Wave Analysis and Modal analysis
    • TE, TM, Conical solvers
    • Arbitrary polarization
  • Analysis of arbitrary grating thickness, number of materials, and material index of refraction (defined by a real and imaginary part) including dielectrics and metals
  • Powerful automatic grating parameter optimization using a genetic algorithm and general algebraic constraint language
  • Automatic generation of piecewise constant approximation
  • Full 3-dimensional vector calculation for arbitrary polarization, mounting (conical), and cross-grating structures.
  • Material editor
  • General graphing tool
  • Fully functional demo available for download (see download page)

The current version of GSolver may be downloaded from the download page.

There is a fully functional DEMO version, which does not require a hardware key, however it has no facility to load or save grating structures, and it will run for only 20 minutes at a time.